Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week 22

Bradly is as long as a papaya!

(I've tried to like papaya, but I just can't really do it... and this one seems to be a somewhat wrinkly specimen of the species, but I'm sure I can sneak it into a smoothie or something. The bag of prunes from Week 9 when she was the size of a prune, however, are still sitting in the pantry and will likely remain there for a really long time.)


hip hip gin gin said...

Oh my word, you are the most adorable pregnant girl ever!!! Love all of these belly shots, so cute! It still blows my mind that there is a tiny little munchkin baby in there. Every time I see a pregnant lady I am totally amazed at what our bodies do.

Beth Wooten said...

Thanks, Em! I'm pretty amazed at the science fiction drama happening inside my body right now. Sometimes it seems a little alien-ish to have this other person in there. :)