Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Nursery Fabrics: Muted and Misty


Jennifer said...

Too hard--these are all sooo pretty! This muted set strikes me as most "you," but will Bradly be a wild child?

I made a jewelry board way back using the flower chain fabric from your muted set and put it in an old-fashioned gold, metal frame. Sometimes I just stare at it and daydream, it's so beautiful.

Carter said...

muted or mermaid for me.

Beth Wooten said...

Bradly probably will be a wild child, but I keep thinking we'll have plenty of years of purple and pink once she gets older and wants to make her own decor decisions, and I'm the one who'll be the most aware of the nursery fabrics, right?

I love that Flower Chain pattern! I confess I do feel most attracted to the Muted Scheme, but I'm trying to let it steep before I make such a monumental decision. ;)