Thursday, October 28, 2010

Research Data

I'm getting to the breaking point with my ghetto-rigged maternity clothes. I feel like a patchwork quilt every time I step out of the house.

Thought bubble: If I roll this up and pull the tank down over that and belt it here, well, then maybe it'll pass as an outfit.

I'm rotating between a summery elastic-waist chambray skirt, my Big Fat Fattie maternity jeans, sis's hand-me-down-too-short black maternity pants, and black leggings with an almond paint smear on them from when I confidently thought I could paint the armoire without getting anything on me.

You see, my primary problem lies with the pants/bottoms. I'm really beyond the Bella Band (which I've been logically calling the Belly Band for months) stage with my normal pants. They're out. And almost all maternity pants are too short. Apparently it's very difficult to be pregnant and anything but average height. And I'll tell you right now, I'm sure not going anywhere special to buy some expensive long maternity pants. I can and have been yanking that stretchy panel down a little bit on my too short pants, but then it cuts across my belly instead of covering it and/or I feeling like they're sagging even more than they normally do. I'm irritated by the whole scene. As they say on the MTV, I'm over it.

Therefore, I've decided that I want to try to go on an all-leggings-all-the-time streak. I'm calling it Leggingpalooza. Also considering Leggingsarama.

I have been conducting a little online research to see how this would play out.

(Also, you should know that I was mildly anti-leggings for awhile, so I don't have much by way of tunics/long shirts to wear over the aforementioned leggings, and no one wants to see my oddly shaped pancake butt strutting down the street in the state it's in... so I'm including long shirt/tunic/dresses in my research data pool.)

Old Navy is clearly the winner in reasonably-priced stylish maternity wear:

This is the cutest maternity coat in history.

Forever 21 has a maternity section (awesome or a little sad?) but I found more options in there regular dress and sweater departments:

I had high hopes for Target and my buddy Liz Lange, but it seemed pretty sparse online:

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Nikki said...

I'm not even pregnant and think I might have to go pick up a few of those items...for bloated nights of course ;)