Thursday, October 15, 2009

Day 5

On Thursday of our trip, we're breakfasting at Balthazar, and then moving on to a tour of some variety. I haven't reserved a spot anywhere. I can't really make up my mind about what kind of tour we should do, and to be frank, I usually get annoyed with tours, tour guides, and most especially tourists. Tours make me feel trapped and antsy. What if the guide is boring? What our fellow tourists are loud and slow and ask a lot of silly questions? (These worries and inclinations are further proof of my black black heart and hardened hate towards the world at large. There, I said it.) If this is how it goes down, then I've wasted our money and our valuable vacation hours. This is my solution:

I just ordered The Beat Generation in New York: a Walking Tour of Jack Kerouac's City on Amazon. It's a walking tour that we lead ourselves. We get choose our own pace and destinations! Plus, the book is much less of an investment than an actual tour would have been.

When we finish our tour, we'll stop by Zabar's to select a few picnic supplies, head over to Central Park, and lunch in style. I'm mildly nervous that it'll be too cold to really enjoy our picnic, but I'm sure we can find alternatives if we're not in the mood. I do want to spend significant time walking/biking around the park that afternoon. This could be us... except in coats. Who doesn't look good in a bicycle helmet? Who?

That evening, we'll go back to the hotel, I'll don my Elphaba costume, and then we're ready to hit the town.

After Jen and I take in Wicked, I'm hoping we head over to Chickalicious... it's a dessert restaurant. They have a four course dessert dinner. Can you believe this?

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The Kelley's said...

I can't wait to hear ALL about your foodie outings...SO JEALOUS. We'll be here eating Cheddar's.