Monday, October 5, 2009

House Pictures--Kitchen

The dining room opens very directly into the kitchen. I've debated about buying/building an island to establish a clearer boundary between the two, but I don't know. I love this free and easy space, and I'm so grateful to have a kitchen bigger than the closet in which I cooked previously. (A small kitchen does have benefits though. You know, the convenience of having everything within arms' reach and not much floor to mop.)

Eventually, we want to make a few improvements in here. The backsplash is white beadboard, and the counters are a speckled formica. Nothing horrible, certainly livable, but not exactly the dream either. The stovetop is downrightugly... although the oven does have a window and an interior light, which my previous one did not and which caused a few sharp reprimands for Carter who likes to peek in to see if things are done yet.

Anywho, I'd like a new stove and a matching stainless microwave/hood, and while we're at it, why not throw in a stainless dishwasher, too, b/c we couldn't have everything else matching and the sore thumb slouching next to the sink. I think not. We got a great deal on our future honed Carrera mosaic backsplash tile. I heart it, but it unfortunately lives in the garage until the time is right for it's unveiling. I would also like to install some undermount lighting to show off the backsplash and her future sister, the honed Carrera countertop. I know the dangers of marble in the kitchen, and I've decided I don't care. Those stains are a patina, people.

Sideways pic (from left to right ): the back door, the pantry, and the frige. Yes, the cabinets and hardware are fairly boring, but in my mind, they won't yield enough return to make the investment worth it when we sell. They don't offend me, so I'll let them be. I have other fish to fry... so to speak.

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