Monday, October 12, 2009

October Travels

Rather than merely scanning my neatly-charted vacation itinerary here for your perusal, I'm going to prolong my own enjoyment (and stoke my already obnoxious excitement) by drawing it out and breaking it down into several vacation-themed bloggy installments. Are you ready b/c I AM SO READY!

Day 1 is a fairly uninteresting day of flight, connecting flight, car rental, and the four hour drive that will eventually get us to Cooperstown, New York, the land of New England fall colors and baseball and bed & breakfasts. FYI, Cooperstown is named after James Fenimore Cooper, author of Last of the Mohicans and The Pathfinder, the second of which I read my junior year of high school and was, at best, only mildly fond.

We're staying at this inn because 1) it's really cute and 2) even more significantly, they have a Bed & Brew Package. Not only does Cooperstown house the Baseball Hall of Fame but also the moderately well-known Ommegang Brewery.

Day 2--I know. I know. You are so jealous that I get to spend my vacation brushing up on Sandy Koufax and oddly flavored microbrews, but just you wait, my pretties.

It is something of a consolation that we'll be sitting in front of that fire and walking around in the midst of this.

I'm also looking forward to the cute downtown and the "sumptuous dinner and more!!" at the brewery, where they have four courses with accompanying beer pairings planned. And maybe reading on the inn's front porch. Plus, there's even better stuff coming.


Pedro Garcia Millan said...


La estafa automotriz mas grande en el territorio Mexicano…

Para MAS informacion pinche:


TNC said...

Dear friend,
Ditto in James Finmore Cooper but please remember that if we didn't have JFC, we wouldn't have Daniel Day Lewis's smokin' hot Indian brother in Last of the Mohicans.