Thursday, October 8, 2009

House Pictures--Master Bedroom

Introducing our bedroom. This shot is looking from the doorway. I'm pretty satisfied in here. A lamp here or there, some curtains and respective hardware, and that's that.

This is the top of my dresser. Do you like that picture of Hub? It's one of my favorites of him. We were escaping our wedding reception.

Still the bedroom, but this time looking from the opposite corner.

P.S. Lu loves velvet. Every morning after going outside, she sleeps between the folds of that comforter at the foot of the bed. She prefers for the velvet to surround her, rather than have it just on top of her. She tries to dig her way in, but it's pretty heavy, and she's not the strongest of beasts. One time she was getting so frustrated, trying to get in, that she gave up and came into the bathroom to get me, so that I could lift it open and tuck her in. Most of the time when I come home for lunch, she's still tucked into the blanket. She'll peek her sleepy eyes up as I come in the door, and her muzzle will be sweet and pink from napping so warmly.

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The Hayden Family said...

your boudoir is a sanctuary! gorgeous! colors are so soothing!