Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Everyone loves him.

This is my sister and her son. I have caught a little grief over not posting about how great he is. In this first photo, he and Lu are having a contest to see who can be the cutest and thereby accrue pepperoni from the pepperoni distributor. So far, it's a tie, but I'm pretty sure they both ended up winners in the end.

Little nephew loves anything mechanical, anything with hinges, anything with buttons or screws or bolts. He will take it in his hands and pull it up close to his blinking eyes and move it and figure it out. Here, he is about to attack my phone and get really upset that I want to take his picture instead of just handing it over for his entertainment. Dooon't be distracted by this piece of random toilet paper or my fuuunky hair. Just hand over the black shiny phone to me, and everyone leaves happy.

A couple weekends ago, Sis and I went back to Palestine for a shower. Nephew is a champion traveler, and for the most part, was a happy happy little man for our four hours in the car. He did take his lemonade and try to get a party started by shaking it all over his face and the back seat. What are you going to do? Sometimes you just need to party.

Parties can be exhausting.

I caught him chewing on the face of his stuffed duck, and Sis told me he was trying to chew the eyes off. I keep telling Sis he's just like Lu, but she doesn't seem to like that idea. I don't get it. It's a compliment, right?

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