Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Might Say I'm a Dreamer...

I have something like this in mind for the dining room hutch. (Pic stolen from Cote de Texas)

And, uh, something at this end of the spectrum for the kitchen. Now, I know you're saying, "Whoa! That's one dead sexy kitchen!" And you would be right in that estimation. But you're probably also saying, "Beth, be realistic. Your kitchen is like half that size, and you definitely don't have those windows or that ceiling height. Please get real." And, here too, you are correct. I need to be realistic in what I can do, but don't you think I could get kinda close to this look? I mean, I showed you the backsplash tiles. Remember?

(Also, I forgot where I stole this picture. I sorta think it was from My Favorite and my Best, but dunno.)

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