Thursday, October 8, 2009

House Pictures--Master Bath

The so-called grand finale is our bathroom. I should have taken another picture to show Carter's sink and vanity, but I was being rushed. You don't need to see his side anyway--it's just a spray bottle of Febreeze and some toenail clippers.

This shot just shows the bathtub and a hint of my sink. I saw picture in Domino (maybe?) a long time ago that featured a shower curtain track on the ceiling, and so in an effort to copy, I just stuck my cheapie shower curtain rod as close to ceiling as I could get. Hub gets nervous when I stand on things. He tried to "spot" me when I was huffing and puffing, trying to get it installed up there.

Something like this might be nice. You know, instead of sticky-feeling linoleum and formica. I'm not crazy about everything in the shot below, but I appreciate white and gray. I really like hexagonal tiles on the floor... which this bath doesn't feature, but I do like the marble, and I do like the open shelving, and I do like glossy white cabinetry.

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