Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Anticipation and Preparation

In preparation for our NYC trip (Count 'em--16 days!), I started reading Wicked last night. (Thanks, Mo-Weezy!) I'm attempting to maximize my enjoyment of the musical. Get my money's worth, if you will. (I better have a basic understanding of the story line b/c we are sitting in the "rear mezz" as they say. I think that's equivalent to what we used to call the way way back in my parents old Suburban. We dubbed the various seats: the front seat, the back seat, the way back seat, and the way way back, which wasn't really a seat at all. And that's as far back as it goes. Once, on the way up to or back from Colorado, I gave Sara a black eye by knocking her into some latch or hook or something back there. I like to say it was an accident... but well, you know. Little ones can't bait and aggravate too much or, well, consequences happen. As my dad liked to say, "You mess with the bull. You get the horn." I've taken it as a guiding tenet of sorts. It's the law of the wild... and the law of the way way back.) Let's hope things don't get so crazy at the in the rear mezz.

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