Wednesday, October 7, 2009

House Pictures--Powder Room

It's pretty nondescript now, but someday, it will develop a snappy attitude. Just wait. I have been encouraged by several people in the know to wallpaper it in grasscloth...

but Schumacher also has this chic little girl. I put the celadon and white combo on here to show the pattern a little better, but I think I'd choose the wheat and ivory if I were in a position to choose.

Since we're discussing Schumacher, I'll offer up this linen loverliness, as well. Thanks to Lu, I have a half-shredded orange chair and ottoman sitting in the living room that's begging to be reupholstered in fat neutral stripes. I'd be happy to oblige. I'm just trying to help stimulate the economy by giving my upholstery girl, Raquel, a little business. Shout out to Raquel.


TNC said...

You have an upholstery girl?! Me wants! Me wants!
And I'll trade you a new chair for the Love Pup.

TNC said...

And, B, mad props on the basil. Yours looks better than mine. And I've been eyeing your pretty flowers in the front yard. I don't feel right filching from the newbies next door.